Alcohol Moderation

Alcohol Moderation

If you suffer from a serious alcohol problem, please seek medical help. This MindTALK is aimed at people wanting to moderate their drinking and not those with an addiction to drinking alcohol.

Please listen to this MindTALK for a minimum of four times to gain maximum benefit and to experience powerful changes to your thinking and behaviour.

The key to maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol is to be mindful of when, where, why, how much, and how quickly you drink; to know when it’s time to say “enough” or take a break from drinking; and to manage your alcohol consumption within reasonable limits. All of this makes sense but it’s easier said than done when there are social occasions, work events or stressful days and all of these may focus on alcohol. It’s easy to slip in to the pattern of drinking too much or too frequently. Drinking mindfully is the key to drinking moderately. Mindful moderate drinking, as contrasted with thoughtless habitual drinking, means being fully conscious of your drinking in real time. Being mindful of how each drink is affecting your mood, behavior, thoughts, and your body. This MindTALK can help you to reset your thinking patterns around drinking alcohol and to help you to enjoy drinking whilst being fully in control of your limits.

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