Grief can cause a lot of overwhelming emotions.  You may feel like you can’t quite process your grief or perhaps you  feel overwhelmed and not able to concentrate.

Perhaps you may be so busy and overworked that you haven’t given yourself time to grieve or perhaps your grief interrupts you all the time so that you are overwhelmed by intense feelings of sadness, so that you can’t get anything done. We all deal with grief in different ways, but often it can become problematic.

This MindTALK is a way of giving yourself the time to find some calm and peace for yourself.  It will allow you to process your grief, but at a pace that is right for you.  By listening to this MindTALK you may find that it’s a great way to help you overcome grief and loss and reach a stage where you can enjoy the memories of your loved one without being overcome by the pain of missing them. Grieving is a process, not a permanent state, and we need to go through this process. This MindTALK enables you to go through the process with less tension and stress and more appreciation and love.

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