Please listen to this MindTALK for a minimum of four times to gain maximum benefit and to experience powerful changes to your thinking and behaviour.

Illness anxiety disorder, sometimes called hypochondria or health anxiety, is worrying excessively that you are or may become seriously ill. You may have no physical symptoms, or you may believe that normal body sensations or minor symptoms are signs of severe illness, even though a thorough medical exam doesn’t reveal a serious medical condition.

As hard as it is to believe, when you suffer health anxiety in this way, it’s because your brain is trying to help you and protect you. It doesn’t matter where or when this started, hypnotherapy can help.

This MindTALK will help you to stop the endless checking, googling, worrying and fear that you may be experiencing. It will help to retrain your brains thinking patterns and to create new positive thoughts and behaviours.