Social Media/Phone Addiction

Social Media/Phone Addiction

This ‘Social Media/Phone Addiction’ Guided Meditation and Hypnotherapy Audio is aimed at people who are finding it difficult to stay away from social media/phone and who may have developed an addiction.


Facebook and Instagram have recently announced modifications to their apps, in an effort to control social media addiction among their users. The move comes amid growing concern over lost productivity and real-world social skills due to people spending far too much time online.


Social media has been measured to be more intensely addictive than alcohol or cigarettes so if you feel like you’re heading this way, listen to our audio to help you retrain those thinking patterns once and for all.


We recommend that you listen to our audio at least four times so you can really compound the positive messaging, override the old beliefs and help your mind create new neural pathways to helping you to overcome the feelings of addiction.