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CBT Hypnotherapist

Sophie has always had an interest in the workings of the brain and gained a degree in Psychology in 2000. She then went on to study Hypnotherapy and set up a clinic in Harley Street with Natasha helping clients with all kinds of issues and concerns. She then focussed on Hypnobirthing and helped couples to birth more comfortably including her own twins who were born naturally using her own bespoke tools and techniques. She has since specialised in CBT Hypnotherapy and enjoys working with clients face to face and online when not working on House of Wellbeing.



Hypnotherapist and sleep expert

Natasha trained to be a Hypnotherapist in 2005 and has maintained her passion for targeted guided meditation and hypnotherapy whilst working in the Media & Creative industry helping her to garner lots of on the ground professional knowledge and experience of mental health issues employees face in the workplace. She is also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and she's a Sleep Expert working with both individuals and corporates.

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